Bowling Green, Kentucky is a small town in South Central Kentucky with about 60,000 inhabitants, one-third of which make up the student population of Western Kentucky University. Having a a university in town has encouraged several efforts to engage elementary children to study science. In the 1970's local science teachers founded Barren River Imagination Museum of Science. Because of its' aging Board of Directors, no real effort to maintain it and no funding available, B.R.I.M.S. is closing its doors. The Branding Track of the Advertising Program under the guidance of Advertising Coordinator Cliff Shaluta, decided to challenge our students to save it. The Branding students wrote an extensive case complete with new brand, innovative funding and media recommendations. The Design students then created visual solutions. Our project was presented to the Board. Please enjoy posted examples of the artwork.


Benjamin Rich, Sara Taylor, Derek Sabiston, Kelley Boothe, Kathryn Burch, Courtney Cook, Jared Coomes, Mitch Henson, Tony King, Austin Meurer, Tom Schatzinger, Kristen Smith, Jacob Stephenson


Will Hoagland, Britt Boyle, Shelbi Carter, Amanda Buechel, Jessica Trocoli, Jesse Caylor


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